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Worship centers in Butler County, Alabama

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  • Allen Chapel (christian)
    New Searcy Road
  • Antioch Church (christian)
  • Antioch East Church (christian)
  • Antioch West Church (christian)
    Bolling Road
  • Beaver Creek Church (christian)
    Sandcutt Road
  • Belmont Number 1 Church (christian)
  • Belmont Number 2 Church (christian)
  • Bethel Church (christian)
    Avant Road
  • Bethel Church (christian)
    McKenzie Grade Road
  • Bethel Methodist Church (christian)
  • Bethlehem Church (christian)
    North Bethlehem Road
  • Bible Church (christian)
    Dock Road
  • Boiling Church (christian)
    Cobb Lane
  • Bragg Hill Church (christian)
  • Brushy Creek Church (christian)
    Brushey Creek Road
  • Buckaloo Church (christian)
    South Shackleville Road
  • Burning Bush Revival Center
    Main Street
  • Butler Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church (christian)
    Parmer Street
  • Butler Springs Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
  • Calvary Church (christian)
  • Central Church (christian)
    Davenport Road
  • Chapman Church (christian)
  • Christian Light Church (christian)
  • Church Building (christian - roman_catholic)
    Hickory Street
  • Cobb City Church (christian)
    Aztec Road
  • Consolation Primitive Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
  • County Line Church (christian)
    Damascus Road
  • Damascus Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Damascus Road
  • Damascus Church (christian)
    Barganier Lane
  • East Chapman Church (christian)
  • East Greenville Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    2nd Street
  • Ebenezer East Church (christian)
    Ebenezer East Church Road
  • Elam Church (christian)
    Pettibone Road
  • Elizabeth Church (christian)
    Elizabeth Street
  • First Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Fort Dale Road
  • First Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Mill Street
  • First Christian Church (christian)
    Camellia Avenue
  • First Presbyterian Church (christian - presbyterian)
    Cedar Street
  • First United Methodist Church (christian)
    East Adams Street
  • First United Methodist Church (christian)
    Miranda Avenue
  • Forest Home Church (christian)
    Forest Home Road
  • Forest Home Church (christian)
  • Friendship Church (christian)
  • Friendship Church (christian)
    Coleman Road
  • Friendship Church (christian)
    Friendship Road
  • Friendship Church (christian)
    North Friendship Drive
  • Garland Church (christian)
  • Georgiana Church of Christ (christian)
    Miranda Avenue
  • Giddens Church (christian)
    Manningham Road
  • Gravel Hill Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Gravel Hill Road
  • Green-Moore Church (christian)
    Greenmoore Road
  • Herbert Temple Church (christian)
    Broad Street Road
  • Hickory Grove Church (christian)
    Ripley Road
  • Hickory Street Church of Street (christian)
    Garfield Street
  • Holy Tabernacle Church (christian)
    Joe Killough Road
  • Hopewell Church (christian)
    Old Stage Road
  • Hopewell Church (christian)
    East Dogwood Trail
  • House of Prayer
    Shady Lane Road
  • Indian Hill Church (christian)
  • Industry Church (christian)
    Cook Bridge Road
  • Jerusalem Church (christian)
    Broad Street Road
  • Kenzie Chapel (christian)
    Royal Crest Road
  • Kokomo Church (christian)
    Norrell Avenue
  • Liberty Church (christian)
    Liberty Church Road
  • Liberty Methodist Church (christian)
  • Long Church (christian)
  • Long Creek Temple
  • Macedonia Church (christian)
  • Macedonia Church (christian)
    Whittle Bridge Road
  • Midway Church (christian)
    Dock Road
  • Monterey Church (christian)
  • Moriah Primitive Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Pat Patterson Road
  • Morrow Church (christian)
  • Mount Carmel Church (christian)
  • Mount Ida Church (christian)
  • Mount Moriah Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Mt Mariah Drive
  • Mount Moriah Church (christian)
  • Mount Olive Church (christian)
    Crenshaw Road
  • Mount Olive East Church (christian)
  • Mount Olive Methodist Church (christian)
    Mashville Road
  • Mount Olive West Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Hank Williams Road
  • Mount Pisgah Church (christian)
  • Mount Pleasant Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Mt Pleasant Road
  • Mount Pleasant Church (christian)
  • Mount Ross Church (christian)
    Capshaw Road
  • Mount Zion Church (christian)
    South Mt Zion Road
  • Mount Zion Primitive Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
  • New Bethel Christian Church (christian)
    Old Central Road
  • New Hill Church (christian)
  • New Home Church (christian)
    New Home Road
  • New Hope Church (christian)
    Steiner Store Road
  • New Oaky Bower Church (christian)
  • New Prospect Church (christian)
    New Prospect Road
  • Oak Bowery Primitive Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
  • Oak Grove Church (christian)
    Fort Dale Road
  • Oak Grove Church (christian)
    Avant Road
  • Oak Valley Church (christian)
  • Oaky Streak Methodist Church (christian)
    Oakey Streak Road
  • Oglesby Church of Christ (christian)
  • Olive Branch Church (christian)
  • Perkins Chapel Church (christian)